Prince Adesegun Bakare Is Back

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Flow Muzic Entertainment Lead by Prince Adesegun Bakare. Started at tender age with choir in church with playing of instrument like Conga,Drums set and gradually early 2000 start singing and join


Bobo Luckwise as a back up singer,join Jimmy Akins as a back up singer,i start to lead sing in chutch and small event like christian wake keep, naming ceremony etc. around 2005,2006 was call up to assit d back ups like of Princess Folake band, run that till Feb 2009 dat i quite finally and named a band Pearce Band with so group of people that we both left Princess Folake band we run that for few month and i decide to stay on my own for some personal reasons dats how we move on till date to God be d glory
first Album in 2013,
tribute to my broda in 2014,
Mandate for Hon Bayo Osinowo in 2015
Here Are Some Other Pictures





Watch Out For Asegun Drop Soon as God liveth On Your Favourite Blog #NaijaXrated


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