How To Deal With A Woman If You Are A Man Enough

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When she hits you or pushes you … (hold her
When she gets angry ( just hug her )
When she is silent (ask her what the problem
is )
When she Ignores you (Give her attention)
When she asks you about something (don’t
neglect her)
When she wants to get away from you ( do not
agree with her opinion)
When you see her in the worst state (Tell her
she is beautiful)
when you see her Cry( kiss her head and tell
her you love her a lot)
When you feel her scared (protect her )
When you see her jealous (that means she loves
you more than you imagine )
When she say to you i love you that means she
have feelings for u more than you think)
When she look into your eyes don’t turn your
eyes until she turns her first.


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