Remember the 2 sisters I told y’all about yesterday? They are now in Kirikiri

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Yesterday, I told y’all about two sisters who were charged to court for fighting a woman. Read here. Well, those sisters are now in Kirikiri and will be there until at least Monday. Their father wasn’t able to meet their bail conditions yesterday, which included four sureties (plus himself) in person. He had the N40k bail money but not the sureties. Below is a full account of what happened – told by the sisters and their father and written by a family friend. Read below…

Chienyenwa was dozing on a chair owned by Mummy Ada. The owner of the chair, Mummy Ada, went to her and pulled the chair from under her and warned her never to sit on her chair again. Chienyenwa fell down and after getting up challenged the lady and asked her why she pulled the chair when she could have simply asked her to get up. Mummy Ada, incensed that Chienyenwa talked back at her, held her by the neck of her shirt and slapped her. Chienyenwa immediately retaliated and slapped her back and fight ensued.

Mummy Ada got a black eye in the fight while Chienyenwa had her shirt and bra torn from her body. When one of the neighbors came out to separate them, Chienyenwa quickly ran inside to cover up and her father/younger sister rushed outside to see/ask what was happening. Upon seeing the father, Mummy Ada, jumped on him and accused him of sending his daughter to beat her up. She then picked up a broom and started flogging him with it. The man fenced off the blows asking her to calm down and explain what happened. The woman (probably frustrated that her blows were not making any impact) changed tacticsand tried to strip the man naked. She succeeded in pulling the man’s short knickers down before the man even knew what she was about.

The younger daughter seeing that her father was near naked, joined the fight and tried to strip the woman naked too and threatened to break a bottle on her. Luckily the woman had leggings/tights on.
After neighbors separated the fight, both parties went their way. Mummy Ada started threatening fire and brimstone. That she would deal with them and makes sure they rot in jail for ganging up on her.
She partly made true her threats as before you knew it, policemen had arrived and taken the 2 daughters away to Ogudu Police Station. The father got their on his own to release the girls and was told that the officer in charge of the matter was not around and they had express orders that bail was not to be granted to the girls until the officer arrived.

The girls slept at the Station that night. The following day, the father didn’t attend work and went to station to see about bailing his daughters. He eventually bailed them after paying about NGN 11, 500. The police then asked him and his daughters to remain available as the case was still ongoing.
The father, not wanting the case to get worse, met elders and askedthem to beg the woman and her husband on his family’s behalf. I guess they didn’t accept the plea because the police called and invited the man and his daughters to the police station today and served them court papers. They were handcuffed and told to produce bail of N40k so the case would be adjourned – failure of which they would be transferred to Kirikiri.

Last update is that they have now been taken to a court at Alausa, Ikeja.

A bit of history: Being neighbors (Mummy Ada has a shop in the same compound where the girls live), there have been no love lost between the two parties; Mummy Ada would accuse them on not greeting her and spreading rumors about her and the sisters in turn would accuse Mummy Ada of spreading rumors about them too and calling them foul names and other provocative behavior, For example, they said Mummy Ada would start singing provocative/mocking songs whenever she saw them and would always find something funny whenever they were passing.

Having said this and while I totally abhor disrespect and any form of physical fighting, I believe respect should be reciprocal regardless of age.

This was a clear case of two people fighting. Unfortunately the lady who hit first (started the fight) is now playing victim because she has more resources to do this.
Please if anyone has a different version of the story or if you know the second party, let us hear it.

You don’t lock 2 young sisters up in Kirikiri from Friday – Monday just because you can. Haba! What did they do? When did a civil case turn criminal? From Ogudu Police Station, to Ogudu court, to Special task Force Alausa, to Kirikiri in handcuffs..

And the instigator is flaunting about, beating her chest and boasting ‘‘yes! I said it, i have locked them up!’’

I’m appalled at our Judiciary system and Police Force. Apologies to the honest and hardworking ones but this is the sad truth. A policemen in Ogudu even had the guts to ask the father ‘how much you give me?’

Mummy Ada: Laugh all you want now, but Karma will surely catch up with you. Pray you don’t see problems that all the money in this world cannot/will not solve. You have falsely accused these girls, paraded false evidence, didn’t give them opportunity to defend themselves and paid your way to getting them locked up. No forget say you get children too o. Same measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over you will receive. This is not a curse. It is a promise and if you don’t repent, you will get what’s coming to you as surely as God lives..


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