I Lost My Voice Because Of Bad Music Equipment In Nigeria – 9ice

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Nigerian John Legend singer and renowned horse rider 9ice – says he has no problems with criticism from fans who slammed him for losing his voice.
Speaking in a recent TV interview, the faded music star blamed his loss of voice on the absence of “good music equipment” in Nigeria.He said:Get it right; in 2008, 2009 and 2010, imagine someone screaming for three years, how e no go lose him voice?Most of our productions are not good and most of our speakers are not good. Hear me, I am not saying the DJs or the sound managers are not good. But the equipmentwe have (in Nigeria) are not good.So imagine me (singing) on top of my voice for three years. How I no go lose my voice?In 2008, I was maybe 28 or 29 and now I am 35 years old. So I would definitely lose my voice and now I am a more mature person. So criticism based on those aspects, I am sure they are right. But you have to take me as I am.9ice also talked about why he chose to venture into politics.


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