The Missing Billion Dollar: Read OBJ sermon to Jonathan That led To Buhari ’s Victory. – This Will SHOCK YOU

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Stolen Billion Dollar: Read OBJ sermon to Jonathan That led To Buhari ’s Victory– This Will SHOCK YOUSaul (Jonathan) did not want to be king….. He was only looking for his father’s lost sheep… when he met Samuel(OBJ)….. and OBJ told him to stop looking for what is lost… He has been chosen to become the first Ijaw man to lead the nation….. Saul(Jonathan) replied OBJ and said “I am too small to do this, I belong to the family of Benjamin, the least among the tribes of Israel… I have no shoes……bla bla bla…”Samuel(OBJ) told him ‘arise, you are the king….’Saul (Jonathan) becamethe king…..but ran out of the glory of God.HOW???Saul(Jonathan) stole properties like sheep, cattle, oil money etc as against the instruction of God…..He kept them in his palace where he thought the eyes of God can not reach…..Then (OBJ wrote an open letter)Samuel (OBJ) appeared to him and asked him “did you keep the instruction of God?”……”yes, I did…..I am a christian, I go to Jerusalem every year, redemption camp is my favorite, Winners Chapel is my choice, Oritsajafor can confirm to you!”…..Samuel (OBJ)then smell the odour of $20b inside the palace… he asked Saul (Jonathan)  immediately….” but your Excellency, What of these dollars smelling from your room?” Saul (Jonathan) replied “Ikept them for God, infact, I will give CAN#7B, the obas Emirs and Igwes…..I will visit churches and mosques, even I will use partof it for evangelism to win more souls for God, souls like Gani, Fasheun, Tompolo. Mimko, Koro, Dokubo etc…”Samuel (OBJ) replied…..”You cannot fool God, the God that created the entire world including America cannot lack dollars….He is the ever sufficient God….did He ask you for anything before you became king?…..Saul,(Jonathan) the LORD has rejected you because of your corruption…..your government has been destroyed, the kingdom has been given to your neighbour (Buhari) who is better than you…”God selected David(Buhari) to succeed Saul…..Saul fought DavidDavid refused to be dragged into any fight with Saul (Jonathan)Saul attempted to kill David (Buhari) in Kaduna… David escapedThe house of David (APC) waxed stronger and stronger….The house of Saul(PDP) got weaker and weaker…At last……God (Nigerians) won.David(Buhari) became king after the demise of Saul…….May God bless the studying of His word for the salvation of our souls…A M E N.


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