FEAR OF JAIL: NNPC Diezani Refunds Unremitted $1.48bn Into…. – I Can’t Believe This

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FEAR OF JAIL: NNPC Diezani Refunds Unremitted $1.48bn Into…. – I Can’t Believe ThisNNPC Boss, Diezani Seriously Looking For Another Escape Root As May 29 Draws Nearer, OMG!!! Will She Go To Jail?Embattled Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke,has on Wednesday, disclosed that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has started refunding the $1.48bn unremitted fund into the Federation Account as recommended by an audit firm, PriceWaterHouseCoopers.She, however, did not disclose how much has so far been refunded by the corporation.According to Punch, Diezani also rebuffed reports that she was seeking the assistanceof some highly-placed persons in order to escape prosecution for alleged corruption from the incoming administration of the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari.SoStar: Whether it is $1.5bn or $20bn that is being refunded, it is a lot of money because it can take care of many challenges. If they had not done an audit on the NNPC, would they have refunded the money? I also doubt if the money would have been returned if Jonathan had won re-election.I have noticed that the report covers a year. What has happened in the corporation in the past 10 years? Also, the entire report has not been released. The entire report should be published.Jeremiah Mbong: This is shameful. The minister should tell Nigerians why the money did not make it into the Federation Account in the first place. Why did it take forensic accountants to find the money?How many more forensic accountants do we need to conduct to see where Nigeria’s stolen money is? How long has the NNPC been sitting on that pile of cash? Who controls the account the money was kept? What about the interest? Did the outgoing President know about the money?Why is the NNPC not honest with Nigerians, especially as it concerns their collective wealth? Reporters should ask these officials tough questions and not just report what they say.No one is asking any question on this billion dollar scandal.Dr. Schofield: The minister should go to jail for this. We need to start with her to correctwrong actions that have been taken.Ola: The fear of Buhari is the beginning of financial uprightness. Welcome to a new Nigeria!She needs to be shaken. Put her in the midst of 12 area boys so that she can confess where all the money has been stashed.Victor Olowogorioye: We will not know the real amount now since the report has not been made public. I hope that happens after the handing over date. The high profile minister should wait for the review of activities of her ministry from 2010 to date before she can confidently claim to have carried out her duties in accordance with the law as she cannot be a Judge in her own case.Nadeco: I think Nigerians need to know what happened to the kerosene subsidy.We have been buying the product at N100 – N150 for years when the subsidised priceis N50. We were even cajoled last month that kerosene would be sold by the NNPC directly to consumers but it amounted to deceit. Madam, please tell us what happened now that you still have the opportunity to talk to us.We want to know those who benefitted from the racket.Rainbow: I never imagined that the dividends of change could arrive so quickly even before Buhari enters the Aso Rock. This sort of speedy action by Diezani is what happens when you have purposeful leadership at the top. Mere threat of imprisonment will work much more.Unite2013: Buhari needs to consider a gradual phase out of petroleum product importation. We simply have no business importing such. We have a vast network of NNPC pipelines and depots that have beendeliberately ruined by importation. The refineries should be made to function.We waste a lot of foreign earnings on this and it is not good for the economy. It also breeds corruption.Bolustic candosky: At least, the fight againstcorruption must start from somewhere. If we cannot go back to history to begin to ask questions about the past, we should start now.


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