Trowback_History of Armed robbers, Company liquidators, Rapists and Notoriours official criminals in Nigeria. – By Shama Maliga

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First before treating the abovesubject, permit me to congratulate Mr. President and good people of Nigeria onour country’s election as non-permanent UN Security Council member. This to me shows that the world still respect us.While President Goodluck Jonathan keep trying to face our many national challenges, we pray for more better news in the lives of Nigerians and pride with this moment, making it an opportunity to unite ourselves for better Nigeria.Now to the subject of today.Following the slogan that a suspect is NOT guilty until found guilty by a competent court of law, hence, this is the authentic list of Nigerian TOP TEN ARMED ROBBERS AND TOP TEN CRIMINALS IN HISTORY, according to their ranks and origin in the history file of Nigeria.Many of you might be kids when some of these thieves invaded Nigeria. So before you argue blindlyor baselessly, ask your parents or uncles first about them and how they brought Armed Robbery and Criminals in Nigeria, then you can come back with your comments or opinion. The lists are based on FACTS!NIGERIA TOP TEN ARMED ROBBERS
1. DR. OYENUSI- The greatest Nigerian armed robber in history and number One Nigeria Armed Robber. Oyenusi is a Yoruba man from Osun State.
2. BABATUNDE – another notoriousarmed robber from Yoruba who bastardized white lace in his days with his gang. He operated with his gang almost the same time with Dr.Oyenusi- (the greatest Nigerian Armed robber in history).
3. FOLORUNSO – another powerful known armed robber of Yoruba origin who stole with blood in his hands. He was Babatunde’s best friend and they rob most times as agang. He was said to have impregnated one of Babatunde’s wives before he was killed.
4. SHINA RAMBO: A no nonsense Armed Robber. Nobody knows whether he is for real or a myth. Heis also proudly Yoruba.
5. LAWRENCE NOMAYAGBON ANINI- A celebrity Armed Robber that made dummies out of the Nigerian police in the 80′s. Lawrence Anini whose gangs caused fear and terror in Benin. He was from(Mid West) today’s Edo state and his mother is Yoruba. Many believed he’s smart in Robbery but not still as smarter or dangerous like Dr. Oyenusi(the greatest Nigerian Armed Robber).
6. MONDAY OSUNBOR- Another bloody Armed Robber of Yoruba origin. Osunbor is Anini’s deputy.
7. Inspector GEORGE IYAMU. Remember he was the senior Cop that made Anini’s career successful.He was a top Armed Robber in police uniform. He supplied intelligence and Arms to Anini’s gang. He was number three in Anini’s Gang and number seven in Nigeria’s Armed Robbers history book. He’s also a Yoruba man.
8. KAYODE WILLIAMS- Another brutal Armed Robber in history who later turned Pastor. The son of famous Mrs. Williams. Kayode was Oyenusi’s best friend and he is Yoruba.
9. OBIDIOZOR OTOKOTO- A ritualist, robber who killed people for ritual purposes, hitman, racketeering, loan sharking and general crime merchandise. He is igbo.
10. DERICO AND YEMO.Its a known fact, that most Yorubas are fond of calling the Igbos thieveson every slight misunderstanding among them. The truth is that the Igbos before the war are known for their hard work, intelligent and innovative smart spirit. They are not thieves. Other tribes envy them including our men who admires their fair in complexion tall beautiful intelligent women. Any sensible man from our region will prefer calling the igbos cheats rather than thieves. We know that Yorubas are the original Thieves and Crooks in Nigeria.The Hausa/Fulani before the Nigerian civil war are known for their honesty and hard work too. They are not thieves.The Yorubas before the war are known for stealing from Nigerians even for “juju” (black magic) trading. They are the real Nigerian thieves till date. As the Yorubas then steal from igbo traders aroundthem, the igbos initiated a tricky stories that they (Igbos) eats humans, Every Igbo trader tried claiming “Ngwa” a dangerous village in today’s Abia state that wasknown for Cannibalism practice andrituals in the ancient days. All these attempts by Igbo traders was to create fears among their Yoruba thieves, whom Nigerians generally also regards as natural born cowards and Lazy bones.The civil war turned some Hausa/Fulani, Igbos and others tribes to thieves. The troubled Chadand Niger citizens who came to assist us in farming jobs and crisis with other Nigerians taught our people how to steal through lootingduring crisis. Stealing is not in our blood. We obey Allah’s message to the core. In our region, only the Tivs and some tribe in Jigawa are known to be natural born thieves. Tivs are not known for stealing before the war, our multiplication strategy during the civil war with our friends from Chad and Niger produced big thieves in Middle Belt and Yoruba.Niger and Chad are natural home for thieves. Chad wasn’t a dangerous place until crisis hits them severally which resulted in criminal minded activities across Chad and even in Northern Nigeria.Hunger that visited the Igbos during, and after the war forced some of them into stealing, especially when their money was seized by the FG. That’s the fact!They are not natural thieves and was never the first in Armed Robbery in Nigeria. Till date, they are not the one leading in Armed Robbery but Yorubas.Again, just like kidnapping which was first initiated by Niger Delta Militant, the Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba have never thought of Kidnapping as a lucrative job until Niger Deltans introduced it. Today, South South, South East, and Northern Region have found Kidnapping a good business. Though my research has shown that currently Delta state leads in the business and they mostly operate in the South East with dubious police officers as their intelligent agents.TRUTH BE TOLD. YORUBAS LEADS AS TOP TEN ARMED ROBBERS, COMPANIES LIQIUDATORS, RAPISTS AND NOTORIOUS OFFICIALCRIMINALS IN NIGERIA CRIMINAL HISTORY FILE AND THEY ARE STILL LEADING TILL DATE 2013Again, Yorubas topped the history list of Official Nigeria Criminals. They are the most destructive and tricky corrupt tribe in Nigeria with their serving officials in ministries/government stealing huge among of Nigeria funds. Below is the TOP TEN OFFICAL NIGERIAN CRIMINALS
1. MKO ABIOLA (Remember Fela calling him ITT, Thief Thief) he was not jailed but was later punished byIBB.
2. TAFA BALOGUN(Yoruba): Jailed and served.
3. BODE GEORGE(Yoruba): Jailed and served. Celebrated by his own people as a “hero” on his return from Prison. Funny! Yoruba man goes to jail for stealing, he becomesa Yoruba Hero and gets the red carpet treatment by his kinsmen and Owambe declared on his head with joy all over the city. In other part of Nigeria, he would have beenan outcast.
4. JAMES IBORI(Niger Delta): jailed and still serving in UK.
5. ALAMS- Forgiven and his file closed
6. FEMI FANI KAYODE(Yoruba): Stolen over billion of USD. To be jailed SOON. Case file very wide OPEN. He’s currently enjoying freshair and social medias. He will still maintain number six in Top Ten Nigeria Criminal list when jailed.
8. OTEDOLA: File still Open
9. DIMEJI BANKOLE: File still open
10. TINUBU: File still Open
11. Cecilia Ibro. Jailed and served./Iyabo Obanjor(two of them dragging same rank.Apart from carrying guns, and stealing with pens, Yorubas still leads the TOP TEN COMPANY LIQUIDATORS IN NIGERIA with
MR. RUFUS GIWA (Yoruba) as number One on the list. Rufus Giwa Liquidated UAC, and
BABATUNDE JOSE(Yoruba) ranked as number two, he liquidated Daily Times.More so, Yorubas leads the TEN TOP NIGERIA BRUTAL RAPISTS with a Yoruba traditional RULER from OSUN state who Raped a female Youth corp member as number onein the list, followed by other nine Yoruba notorious Rapists.I am not in anyway glorifying these names but the reality is that I’m cautioning our brothers in South West Nigeria to reduce their crimesagainst humanity and stop accusingothers of being criminals when theyare historically known as Criminals and Naturally born with criminal blood. Yorubas who occupied most Nigerian top medias in Lagos have for long been in the business of changing history. Giving other tribes bad name while aiding and abetting evils around them. Its wrong to paint other innocent tribes or persons black while hidingyour evil and most dangerous crimes among your people. We thank Allah for His light over darkness.No one can change history. No one can stop born criminals from making news head lines no matter how stupid journalists tries to hide them because they are from their tribes. If the South west confused Journalists couldn’t stop DR. OYENUSI, ANINI and the rest from making black history for themselvesin the 60s, 70s and 80s, then who are you to stop numerous deadly and natural born Armed Robbers, Rapists and Official Criminals of Yoruba origin, terrorizing Nigerians daily in the street of Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja road, Ore-Benin road, Alade road and other parts of Nigeria from making black history for themselves. Nine months pregnancy is too big to be covered with mere palms. Your criminal brothers are natural born crooks.We shall be talking about Ritualists, drug traffickers and Kidnappers in full next time. I will deem it necessary to post authentic lists from NDLEA of 3,000 names of convicted drug traffickers in the history of Nigeria. So, don’t bother talking about them here. When we open the official file, you will be shocked to see that Yorubas still rank VERY HIGH and still top the listamong Nigerians caught in Drug trafficking internationally and nationally. The dubious Ibadan-Lagos media couldn’t hind it but they only anchor their journalism ingossips and blackmails. Let’s now discuss this ten top Armed Robbers, Liquidators, Official Criminals and Brutal Rapists which Yorubas are leading and numbered most in history till date.We need good investors in Nigeria. Crimes are our major problems as a nation and it have been stopping inventors from embracing the opportunities in Nigeria. I have not been happy since some of our brainwashed brothers with their friends invaded our region. Thanks be Allah, our region is gradually coming back to normal. I’m very glad that our people enjoyed Sallah without any bomb blasts.Those who lost loved ones during the rains of these thieves, liquidators, rapists and criminals must have been reminded of their pain when reading this post, I therefore sympathize with them once again. Please bear with me.If you hate this truth so much, please kindly hit your browsing device on the wall or better still force yourself on a speed train for akiss. Thank Allah, some of our trains are working now.


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