6 Ways Girls Indirectly Beg For BIS Subscription Via Their BBM Status

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If you are the type that chats on BBM, you will understand what am saying. If want to learn some tricks on how to be cunny, simply meet one of your sisters and she will teach you because girls are naturally cunny. Some of them always claim to be wise, they usually don’t come out open and express what they want but will always do it indirectly using signs such as when they need s3x, when they need money, when they like someone, they also indirectly ask for BIS subscription too.

Below are some of the things they usually write on their status when their BIS expires and need someone to help them subcribe.

This is a trickish way of forcing you to ask her why will you be offline for long. Initially, she will pretend not to tell you.
Guy: Dear, why do want to be offline for long?
Girl: My dear, never mind, its personal.
Now the guy will claim to be a good friend or caring or to show concern and persist to know why without knowing he is actually entering into into trouble.

When she asks this question, her intention is to induce converstaions and some guys will be like…Baby, you know I care about you. She will now smile because you have entered the net. The next question is…I know you do but can you proof it? The guy will respond ofcourse, just tell me anything you want. Thats when she will now chip-in what she actually wants without you knowing. To the guy, he is proofing but to the girl he is not proofing, he is subcribing for her because she is not interested in whatever you claim to be proofing but her BIS.

This is another indirect way of asking for BIS subcription because when she writes it, some of those guys who have been chyking her for sex or maybe for love will be like…baby whats the problem @your status? She will first complain how silly android is in melting down someone’s MB, she will say it in such angry mood that she just subcribed N2000 for MB last week and its almost finished, sometimes she will blame it on her sisters and end up saying that the worse is right now, she doesnt have a dime to subcribe now. In that way, you the chyker have been told to do something indirectly and as a chyker, you will be like..Oh, sorry about that, I will see what I can do..which network? She will now say…Thank you darling, you are so nice and sends a hugging and kissing smiley. Your response will be…Welcome baby, its my pleasure.

This is the one they all do both for BIS or when they need money from chykers or their boy friends. This one is obvious, you dont need to ask someone with such status what does she want. Some guys will start sending encouraging words like…dear, take it easy its just for a while. Some guys will be like…My dear, its every where o @your status. People like us will pretend not to see it. But believe me, there are many that will stil respond and say…Dear, lets talk about your status. Every other message entering will remain “delivered” and not “Read” because she is now busy with you and its only messages from people like you that need to be read, others are stingy.

She writes she needs to change network so that someone or people will ask her why and believe me, people or someone will surely ask. And you know as someone who needs to change to another network for browsing will need to subcribe it. She will give you many reasons why wants to change which may or may not be true but at the end she will also add…but I have a problem. You will definitely ask what the problem is and thats when she will make her intentions known to you in polite way as if her status isnt all about that her intention. Wise guys will tell you, hmmm…I think its better you manage that network until the BIS expires.

When a girl puts such faces on her status, the chykers and the boy friend (s) will start asking questions. She will first try to put you in a defensive situation by first telling that there is no need telling you because you might not help or that she doesnt want to bother you with her


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